Bilinda, an internationally bestselling author, originally came from Ireland but now lives in Whitby in the UK with her partner and their three cats, more affectionately known as the banes of her existence.

From a young age she could be found digging dinosaur teeth up out of her back garden and dreaming up fantastical stories to keep her friends and family distracted from the fact that she was determined never to help with any of the household chores.

As a teen, she discovered her love of fantasy novels and serial killers, two things you might be mistaken to believe have absolutely nothing in common. You’d be wrong. Subsequently Bilinda became more than a little obsessed with vampire fiction (she has the tattoos to prove it) and the behavioural analysis of those who present with psychopathic traits.

She attended University College Cork where she graduated with a joint honours degree in Drama & Theatre Studies, and English.

Writing was always something she loved. Luckily, her early work has all been lost. Her love of Irish folklore and the stories she grew up listening to has had a significant influence on her books.






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