Bones and Bounties Series


I have a simple arrangement with the Faerie Court: I track down the beings they want found and in exchange for that, they let me live. But a girls gotta eat, even a banished banshee, so I do what I have to, even if that means working for humans. Rent money doesn’t grow on trees.

Darcey Thorne is one of the last of her kind — a banshee, harbinger of death — but due to a past indiscretion which saw her imprison her ex-lover, she now works as a bounty hunter for the Faerie Court.

When the Court jerks her chain and tells her to hunt down MacNa, an old friend, Darcey has no choice but to obey. Considering the last time she laid eyes on her prey, he tried to kill her, Darcey decides hunting him is the perfect mix of business and pleasure.

Dealing with witch-traffickers and a sexy ex-god boss is all in a day’s work for a bounty-hunting banshee, but being shot with iron bullets and being framed for murder is above and beyond the call of duty.

If Darcey doesn’t get to the heart of the matter soon, there will be one less banshee in the world.

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HuntressMoonWith the dust of her last case finally settling, Darcey is left to pick up the pieces of her life. The disappearance of her sexy ex-god boss, Lunn, means the banshee is free of the Faerie Court and their bounties. But freedom comes at a cost and Darcey is left wondering if there is more to Lunn’s disappearance than meets the eye?

When a hot and hunky werewolf turns up on Darcey’s doorstep seeking help, she firmly reminds him that banshees and werewolves don’t mix. But with a sickness affecting all the werewolves in the city, threatening to turn them all into blood-thirsty monsters by the Huntress Moon, she is forced to take the case.

With the clock ticking down to the Huntress Moon and the sickness growing stronger with every second, Darcey must find a way to prevent everyone, including herself from becoming werewolf kibble.

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When a heartbroken widow with a newborn baby turns up at Darcey’s office saying she’s being followed, Darcey detects secret magic at work.

She investigates the case but her efforts are thwarted by her rival in the Elite. For some reason, no one wants Darcey to discover the truth.

And it looks like she won’t when her own past catches up with her. She’s hauled off to Faerie to face execution. Her crime: murdering Mother of the Hunt.

Solve the case. Check.

Escape with her life. Check.

And juggle the supernatural hotties vying for her attention? Umm, maybe.

It’s all in a days work for a bounty-hunting banshee.

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Darcey is lost and alone. Without her powers she is unsure of her place in the world and in the lives of those she cares about.

A new foe arises, taking advantage of Darcey’s loss and using it to seek power.

Darcey must save the lives of those closest to her. But how can she succeed when her new adversary is determined to destroy her loved ones?

She might not be able to save everyone but she’s willing to die trying.

Whoever said the life of a harbinger runs smoothly has obviously never fought a pit-load of demons that want to eat their face.

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