The Shadow Sorceress Series


Darkness can’t always be beaten by the light. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

Amber Morgan is a rookie in The Elite, an organisation tasked with the elimination of rogue preternatural beings in King City. But she has a secret. She’s a witch and only joined The Elite to settle a personal score.

Her first case is supposed to be the routine investigation of a rogue vampire but it soon becomes clear that dark forces are at work, darker than anything the team has dealt with in the past.

When an irritatingly sexy Hunter offers to help, Amber wants to say hell no! The last thing she needs is another distraction even if he is sin personified. But with the fate of a missing child at stake and a possible connection between the case and her past, how can she refuse?

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With her first case behind her, Amber’s position within the Elite seems to be set in stone. She’s the darling of the media, the rookie who saved the day and everyone’s ass. But as far as she’s concerned, the limelight is no place for a Shadow Sorceress.

A new case throws Amber into murky water. Someone is dropping bodies in King City, bodies that conceal a much darker truth, and it’s up to Amber to make sense of it all. Blindsided when a personal loss devastates her, she is left scrambling to pick up the shattered pieces.

With her magic growing at a rapid pace, Amber must find a way to keep her secrets hidden and control her power or risk exposing herself as a Shadow Sorceress to those who would see her dead.

In other words, just another day at the office…

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Suspended from the Elite for committing a murder she can’t remember, Amber Morgan finds herself at risk of being exposed as a Sorceress. The only person she can trust is Nic, but whenever she gets too close to him, she risks being exposed in other ways.

With demonic attacks occurring across the city and the body of a witch hunter turning up in an alley, Amber takes on a new case which means fighting personal demons as well as the ones that want to eat her heart and wear her skin like a cheap suit.

When the witch hunter case gets too hot, Amber is forced to walk the line between Heaven and Hell, risking her life and soul in the process.

Honestly, who does a girl have to kill to stay alive around here?

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Something is stalking King City.

The Elite is baffled by a string of bizarre murders in the same church where Amber killed a demon. She may be a newbie, but Amber knows there’s no such thing as coincidence. When she visits the crime scene, the murderer enters her mind and attempts to claim Amber for himself. Luckily for Amber, her demon mark isn’t willing to share.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, now she’s seeing ghosts in the cemetery. And her attraction to Nic is rapidly reaching fever pitch.

Caught between the worlds of the demon and fae, Amber must fight for her life before she loses her sanity.

Whoever said being a Shadow Sorceress was easy never faced a pack of Heart Hounds. Sometimes, even the strongest magic can’t save everyone.

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The dead aren’t staying buried in King City.

Amber is called to investigate the discovery of a newly-murdered young woman, whose death was part of an occult ritual. This case is anything but routine: the woman was only murdered 24 hours ago but her ghost has been haunting Amber for the past three months.

Now the ghost has vanished and is unavailable for questioning, leaving Amber with a body but no leads.

That isn’t the only danger the city faces. The dead have begun to rise, heralding the arrival of something even worse.

A young boy bears the same demon mark as Amber, leaving him vulnerable to demonic possession. His soul hangs in the balance between life and a fate worse than death.

Something wicked this way comes. And it’s ready to raise hell.

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Reeling over the death of a loved one, Amber is tasked to solve the mystery of missing children in a rural community.

She soon learns that even monsters are afraid of the creatures of the night and that where there is one monster, there is bound to be a bigger one hot on its heels.

Struggling with her diminished power, Amber must make a dark alliance that could affect her future.

Embrace of Darkness is the 6th book in The Shadow Sorceress series.

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After saying goodbye to old friends, Amber tries to get her life back on track. But the after the destruction wrought in the small town of Fortune, her future as part of the Elite is in question.

New enemies are rising in King City and old foes are ready to re-emerge. And on top of that, something wicked has been released from its shackles and threatens to destroy the city. 

With the city hanging in the balance, Amber must do her job despite dealing with opposition within her own team and facing the ultimate betrayal.

Choices must be made. Lines will be crossed. Promises will be broken. 

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Being a witch isn’t easy when you work for the people who would burn you at the stake.


Books 1-3

A Grave Magic

Blood Craft

Grim Rites

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